Hello! My name is Laura, and I am in my late twenties, a teacher, and a newly married girl. I truly enjoy learning about and practicing healthy food and exercise habits in my daily life. As positive as this passion can be, at times, I have used it to practice controlling my life in a negative way. My mindset in this area has led to a long struggle to gain weight and keep my weight at a healthy place where I look and feel healthy, strong, and confident. After many dear friends and family members speaking truth to my heart on this issue, I am earnestly seeking to begin the journey to live at peace with my food choices and exercise practices. I desire to do this by giving myself the freedom to gain rather than suffocating my joy in life and my ability to be the strongest woman, wife, daughter, and friend I know I can be. Please join me, as I document my journey, as I give myself the freedom to gain the fullest life possible!