A New Challenge


Happy Wednesday! Since I am out of school for summer break, my weeks are very different and all of the days of the week seem to run together. What I mean is, I do not have “weekends,” because most of my days follow a “weekend routine.” It is nice, but I am very excited about getting back to school in less than a month!

The past 3 or 4 weeks have been very laid back and filled with errands, school prep, trip prep, and appointments, because the family I babysit has been our of town. They are back this week, and it has been so much fun! We have played baseball, gone “rock climbing,” played games, and all other things kids enjoy. The energy and excitement for anything we do, is contagious and brings such innocence to life.

My husband and I leave for a week long trip to Boston and Cape Cod, bright and early tomorrow morning. I am sure I will have all sorts of pictures and stories to share when we return! In speaking about our trip, this brings up a new challengeI have joined with my dietitian to institute throughout our trip, and I will, hopefully, be able to continue after our trip.

Over time, I have, mentally, created a “list” of foods which I deem foods I will not EVER order. In saying this, there I foods I really enjoy and foods I do not like too much, and I want to honor what my body desires to have. However, I am not at a point to simply eat intuitively, because this would mean I would not eat what I need to nourish my body, and soul. I have to literally force myself to eat foods outside of my comfort zone, because this is not my habit. For example, my husband and I went to dinner with my family at a deli. Rather than order a sandwich, I ordered a salad, because salads are “safe.” My dietitian and I talked about this, and the interesting thing is I could have even “built my own” sandwich and chosen exactly what I would enjoy, but a sandwich is something I have written of my list of foods to eat.

As my dietitian and I talked about our upcoming trip, she gave me the challenge to order one thing that I would not normally order but really should try and want to eat. I promise, this sounds easy, but it is not, for me. Since we are eating out all of our meals, there will be many opportunities for me to do this over the next week. I will have to mentally prepare myself to do this and make the resolve to follow through with it.

This aspect of my trip will be a fun challenge for me, because I do enjoy the experience of food and eating at restaurants. This will only enhance my trip and bring more enjoyment to living, for a week, in 2 new cities. I am super excited to visit Cape Cod and Boston, and I am already packed and ready to go. I have been in a bit of a “tizzy” and lacked sleep this week, as I have made preparations for the trip and thought about preparing to leave for a week long trip. This stems from true excitement, but it has left Β me a little overwhelmed and tired. However, we are leaving soon, and I will say, I am totally able to disconnect and relax whenever I am on a trip, so I have no worries about a full rest and relaxation time to recover and prepare to return and jump into beginning of the school year preparations.

As I close this post, I do want to address a picture I saw on instagram this morning. It was a picture of “diet pills” next to a piece of cake, and it was boasting that this pill would reverse the after affects of eating the cake. WHAT??? Is it possible to eat the cake and realize, one piece of cake is not going to expand your waistline? This is a true picture of the pressures we experience to “make up” for unhealthy food choices, and the distortion of true health our society has created. We are surrounded by it, every day, and it can be a battle not fall prey to this.

Enjoy your Wednesday and the remainder of your week!

Much love!!


7 thoughts on “A New Challenge

  1. OMG i love Cape Cod, I live in RI and i go to cape cod often. I actually have a trip plan for the end of July. I’m sure you will love it, enjoy the time and live in the moment. I actually going through the same situation that you are. I’m just hoping everything is going to get better. I totally understand your point that at this moment you cannot eat intuitively. Im trying to eat intuitively but is very difficult as I always go for the safe food instead of eating what exactly i want.

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    • Vanessa ! You are precious to write this! It is a challenge, and this is why we so need the support and love of friends and family, and it so helpful to have a community of people who are working through the same struggles. Please keep me updated on how things are going for you. I am so excited for YOUR trip and hope it is fabukous! Any recommendations are welcome!


      • I don’t have the support of my bf of 13 years. He is sooo obsessed with dieting, he has been like that for his whole life and st this age I cannot change him. He is all about eating healthy and only having a cheat meal once a week so is not help there. I actually feel guilty when I eat something in front of him because I think he is judging me as to I shouldn’t eat that. What part of cape cod you are visiting?

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  2. Yes yes about the intuitive eating and challenges part! Good for you, friend. Challenging the foods outside of your comfort zone is so crucial to breaking down those fears. I hope you have lovely trip!

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