Some Tips to Talk About…

Hi There Friends!

Today, it is, of course, raining where I live! This seems to be our summer trend. While I am glad out state is no longer under the never ending drought, I would seriously love some more sunshine and pool time! Sigh… I guess we need to count our blessings?

I wanted to check in and share some tips from my last meeting with my dietitian, who, as I said, I LOVE. All of the advice I have been given has told me to choose health care providers who you trust and who you believe are working with and for you. I believe these things are true of her, and I am willing and open to share with her and take her advice. Sometimes, I feel like I should pay her to be my counselor, as well!

One newer aspect of our work is, that I now send her pictures of my meals. She looked at my blog and said the pictures of food were very helpful for her, because it allowed her to see, not just read in a food journal, my food portions. I have been doing this for her over the past couple of weeks, and each time we meet, she assess the pictures beforehand. At our meeting, she takes time with me to look at each picture, and we talk about which meals were on point with food choice and serving size, as well as, the meals where I need to make some adjustments.

After our meting earlier this week, one of the main areas I will be working on is increasing the amount of food in my meals. This would either be accomplished by me eating more in terms of portion size or adding something to a meal. For example, the meal below really seemed like a good amount of food when I made it, but I was hungry about an hour later! She suggested that I need to add a cup of yogurt or cottage cheese with berries, which would also round out the meal by adding some dairy.


This meal consisted of lasagna made in an 8X8 pan. Although it seemed to be a generous portion, she said I might could have tried to eat half of the lasagna from the pan, rather than just a fourth to a third of the pan.


Hopefully, you are beginning to gain some understanding of where she is seeking to guide me in my eating habits. I will be honest, it is not easy for me. It has become habit for me to eat a certain way, and I feel comfort and control in this aspect of my life. None of us like change, because it takes work, chiefly mental work. In light of knowing this about myself, I asked her if I could take pictures of almost all of my meals and snacks and send them to her, and she said bring on the photos! This will not only allow her to see what I am eating, and it will keep me accountable, preventing me from cutting corners or reverting back to previous habits. As I said, it takes work, but I am willing to do it!

Thank you, once again, for reading my thoughts in the space. I hope you and your family have a fabulous Fourth of July!



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