Happy Monday!

I am officially finished with my school school year! Most of you would probably think, “You are so lucky to be off for the summer!” I have two responses for you. First, I love being a teacher, and I love the the children I teach. I become close to the families whose children I teach, and it is really difficult for me to close a school year and move forward. Secondly, I like to feel like each day has structure and purpose. When I am not working, I feel very unsettled and carry some anxiety about slower paced days. I do believe we are given seasons of rest, and in my case, I think I desperately need this season to slow down my life, give myself rest, and gain back my health. In saying these things, I will still hang out with friends, take part in various activities, and babysit for a family whose 4 children I have kept for over 6 years. I tell them they are my children, since I do not have any at home! I will be honest, that I still go to bed early and wake up early, and I make a plan for each day. My husband thinks I am crazy, as he would spend any day he has off working in the yard or playing golf. I remind him, I am created this way, and I truly enjoy living this way!



This is a photo from last summer’s shenanigans. I spend a good deal of time at the pool and golf course during the summer and have no complaints! 

This summer, my desire, as I said, is to give myself permission to give my body rest and the fuel it needs to be healthy. I am meeting with a dietitian in the next week to create a meal plan which suites my body’s needs to gain weight, based on my metabolism and activity level. This gives me excitement, as I love a plan and know I will want to commit to it! I am also going to my OBGYN soon, for a yearly checkup, and I plan to have him test all of my “levels” to make sure these things are where they need to be in order for my husband and I to start looking at having a baby, at some point, in the near future. TMI for you??? I do not think it is. As I stated, my goal for this blog is to encourage and motivate other women, going through the same struggles as myself, to gain a full life. Gaining more information is one tool to make this happen, and hope I can give this gift to my readers!

I will return soon with updates on my appointments, and I plan to post some recipes of my favorite meals and drinks. Everything I make is easy, as cooking is not my passion or gifting! Much love!


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